Sunday, September 10, 2006


Hi all...This is my first MEME and thank u PRIYA for tagging me. So we go.....

I am thinking about: Where to get some chloroform to put my baby to sleep, so that I can catch up on some cooking and updating my blog !

I said: Life is beautiful !

I want to: become a forensic expert and solve cases – in my dreams of course!!

I wish: I had met Nirmal in primary school – at least then I wouldn’t have to listen to all the lies about his achievements in school !!

I regret: Cutting my hair short.

I hear: My daughter snoring – just like her dad !

I am: Snore proof !!

I dance: In my heart when I watch Hrithik Roshan on the screen.

I sing: When nobody is around .

I cry: At every movie !

I am: Superstitious – sometimes!

I am not: Superstitious - sometimes!

I write: Only to my 10yr old cousin .

I confuse: Reality with my dreams .

I need: To slow down …

And finally...I tag: meena and linda.


    Blogger Meena Kandlakuti said...

    Hi Nirmal,
    thanks for tagging me.Its a nice game..hope i will be 100% honest in answering.;-) just kidding

    10:56 PM  
    Anonymous Linda said...

    Thanks for the tag, Maneka - I love the photo at the top of your meme :)

    11:15 PM  
    Blogger Priya Bhaskaran said...

    Hi Menaka.... athu kunju vaveda picturea annoo? cute feets:) Nice to read your meme:) You are like me -- I too cry for all the movies-- my husband always says- I don't cry for real life incidents but cry when I watch movies-hehe

    12:17 AM  
    Blogger maneka nirmal said...

    yes priya... it is my daughter's pic.she is 4.5 months old and her name is Nanditha.

    2:03 PM  
    Anonymous Julyvee said...

    hi Menaka,

    I liked your blog a lot and have you as a must read. I am a vegetarian and I like the way you build your recipe with an interesting story (so i come back for more!!!)
    I confuse: Reality with my dreams - Me too. Esp if those dreams involve my 1 yr old daughter.
    Keep up the nice touch.

    12:40 PM  
    Blogger maneka nirmal said...

    hey julyvee..
    thanks for visiting my blog..i'll try to post some more veg recipes ..take good care of ur little princess..

    1:23 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Very nice...had fun reading it

    3:44 PM  
    Anonymous nusrath said...

    hi maneka

    my name is nusrath...i just love ur blog...and printed ur banana cake to make a try..hihi..lets see how it comes out...
    i a Non resident lndian...currently working in dubai blessed with a sweet hubby and 5 yr old cute daughter.....hailing from palakkad dt..
    i am really looking forwardd to your wonderful recipes
    best regards

    5:24 AM  
    Blogger RISH said...

    u said about puttin chloroform on ur baby dont even it as a joke!

    11:43 PM  
    Anonymous lalitha sunder said...

    Hi i am lalitha sunder

    yr receipe was good nice to have u asa friend will u send yr email to me

    12:17 AM  
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